Our Governing Board

Judy Olson, CS – President
Roger Wichlacz – Vice President
Robert Ehrick, CS – Treasurer
Conrad Hansen – Secretary
Molly Larsen
Mark Chichester
Bruce Richardson


Our Staff Leadership

Rick Landrum, Administrator
Wendy Bracken, JL-CSN, Director of Christian Science Nursing


In Loving Tribute to Sharon Hansen

Choosing life, always.

Infinite love has no boundaries. Divine Love is not, cannot be, in short supply.

That idea is the basis for how Sharon Hansen approached every challenge she faced as a steward for the mission of Beacon Haven and Clifton House.

That mission is ‘to provide proper care and an atmosphere expectant of healing through Christian Science nursing.’ Supporting and sustaining this mission, she insisted, is essential if local Christian Scientists are to have freedom of religious practice.

Sharon took her turn caring for this mission, serving alongside dear friends and colleagues over many decades. This year she passed along to the next generation of stewards a vibrant and thriving mission for Christian Science nursing service.

As president of the volunteer board of trustees for many years, Sharon served her community with tireless care and compassion. During her tenure, she relied on prayer to reveal practical solutions to every challenges coming before the board. And there were many moments of uncertainty during this period.

“How is a new building to be properly designed for the contemporary practice of Christian Science nursing? Where would it be built, and how will the cost of construction be paid?”

“How should Christian Science nursing needs be met, and Christian Science nurses be supported?”

“How will we sustain the cost keeping a Christian Science nursing service open and ready every day, every year?”

“What can we do here to ensure enough Christian Science nurses are available to meet our local need?”

Sharon demonstrated her deep faith and conviction in the power of prayer by addressing each question with the certainty that God is Love. Sharon always turned toward supply, and away from lack. She always chose life. Her daily demonstration was that prayer will supply a practical solution to every rightful need.

Sharon cherished the many joys of her service to the mission of Beacon Haven. She celebrated the healings experienced in the facility, especially for children. She embraced the expectancy revealed in tender moments during a Lunch Bunch gathering on Wednesdays, especially for those members of our community who otherwise had little connection with others during the week. She valued the proper care demonstrated by Christian Science nurses responding with support to calls from dear ones perceiving extreme need, or feeling lost in uncertainty, so these patients could navigate his or her way back to understanding that God is ever-present and good.

Sharon always chose life.